Agnès du Mont Anis
Les Techniques d'Agnès


The substractive technique is the logical result of Agnès du Mont Anis' personal experiences and her constant and profound research into the principal interactive actions and subtractive interactions that are derived from pigments and the way they interrelate on the canvas or chosen support.

And so the colours break down and their active agents spread out according to particular procedures and methods to give them these exceptional effects and these specific and unique structuring shapes.

Apart from this unparalleled technique, it is important to consider Agnès du Mont Anis' force of character and emotional temperament that bring all this incomparable strength to her distinctive canvases.

The two techniques, "interactive" and "substractive", combine and interact in these works that are sometimes described as being figurative, and often "interpellative", due to the fact that the characters express themselves in a context, blending into the matter…. It is to their questions and emotional charges that we adhere.

These paintings are the very expression of the artist who leads each observer to find what they are looking for in their own time and according to their imagination by interactivating special and unique feelings...

In fact, each work is unique and reveals more of the technique every day… to provoke questions and surprise, and for the pleasure of limitlessly discovering the person who chooses to hang on their wall one of these multifaceted works.

In this way, every moment is subject to new considerations and discoveries.

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