Agnès du Mont Anis
Les Techniques d'Agnès


Agnès du Mont Anis is perpetually in search of emotion through her different artistic techniques that she develops to the highest point of emotion and artistry which, in turn, radiate from her unique and irreproducible works.

Agnès du Mont Anis' correlative technique is the fusion of the two completely innovative and personal techniques which are the "interactive technique" and the "substractive technique".

The concept: the combination of these two unique techniques brings to the "correlative" work of art a depth that is enlivened through questioning and surprise.

Correlativity is a new approach to pictorial art that represents in fact a real discovery, and is capable of revealing many unvoiced comments which, with each look, invite the observer to experience every work differently and to make a different personal discovery every day.

There is a concept of surprise, and an interrogative and explanatory concept, which give the work all its meaning with every glance.

It is a different approach, but also intensely moving and lively, where everyone can find the reason for their choice.

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