Agnès du Mont Anis
Les Techniques d'Agnès


This is a unique and personal procedure that is the result of long technical and artistic research undertaken by Agnès Du Mont Anis over the last 10 years.

The procedure is called PIGMENTARY INTERACTIVITY

On canvas, paper, or any other support, acrylic is mixed with watercolour, or any other element capable of spreading through the different components and pigments, in order to produce harmonious spaces for which Agnès Du Mont Anis finds a place according to her state of mind.

It's an emotional way of painting that leaves room for the imagination, since everyone can find meaning in the work in different ways according to their mood or state of mind that day.

Colours divide and separate then come together again in varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses that draw our attention and raise questions...

At every moment, the way we look at the work feeds our desire to understand it by delving into every nuance and detail...

By looking at it in this way, the observer captures these nuances like a source of inspiration and relaxation, withdrawing into a place of calm where they can think... and appreciate beauty...!

Every work is unique and is what the artist calls conversational, that is to say it calls out to the observer to the point of replying to their questions at the time, since they find, through the abstract motifs, the reply to their questions.

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